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M.J Dalton Butchers have a huge range of products which are available at Christmas and you can order now!

1) Place your order by coming in or picking up the phone (0117 9243366).

2) We will arrange a day for you to pick up your order.

3) You will then be given a card with your order number on (please keep this number safe) or we will ask you to write it down if you're on the phone.

4) Pick up your order on the previously arranged pick up day and enjoy!

Some orders will require a small deposit when ordering. Otherwise, pay on the day of pick up.

The pick-up days are:

22nd December

23rd December

24th December

Here is a list of what is available for you to order for Christmas:

  • Whole Fresh Turkey
  • Whole Frozen Turkey
  • Boneless Turkey Crown
  • Bone-In Turkey Crown
  • Fresh Capon's
  • Fresh Geese
  • Fresh Duck
  • Fresh Chickens
  • Bird Specials -

3 Bird Special:

Boneless Turkey Breast

Boneless Chicken Breast

Boneless Duck Breast

The 3 Bird Special will feed between 12-15 people. We can also stuff or cover with bacon.

Boiling Bacon Joints

  • Whole Boiling Gammon
  • Smoked Gammon Joint
  • Bone-In Gammon Joint
  • Cooked Ham Joints

  • Whole Legs Lamb
  • Shoulder Lamb
  • Crown Roast

Also on offer

  • Back Bacon
  • Smoked Back
  • Streaky Bacon
  • Smoked Streaky
  • Pigs In Blankets
  • Chipolatas
  • Homemade Sausages
  • Sausage Meat
  • Tasty Cheese
  • Mild Cheese
  • Stilton
  • Small Pork Pies
  • 1lb Pork Pies
  • 2lb Pork Pies
  • Various Stuffings

Jars and Sauces

  • Cranberry
  • Mustard
  • Horseradish
  • Redcurrant
  • Mint Sauce
  • Chutney 

Game + Game Birds

  • Venison
  • Pheasant
  • Partridge
  • Pigeon
  • Quail
  • Guinea Fowl
  • Veale (Boneless)
  • And all of the products you can get normally!
  • For prices come in store or pick up the phone!

Mon - Sat 7.30am - 6.00pm

Telephone: 0117 9243366

E-mail: [email protected]