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Lamb Rump 

The name should probably give it away, as in the simplest of terms it's from the point where the leg and the loin meet – aka the lamb's rear. Don't let this put you off in the slightest, lamb rump is an amazingly tasty cut.

It is usually served off the bone, but occasionally bone-in, and makes an excellent and some would argue economical two person roasting joint. It works just fine medium or even well-done.

If roasting isn't your thing, it is versatile enough to fry, braise, and even barbecue.

The really key thing is to try and crisp the lovely layer of fat that comes on top of the lamb rump as that's what makes this cut so special and tasty.

Just like on steak the fat is an essential component of this cut, and it's all the better for having it to baste and balance, for cooking and flavour.

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