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We have a range of Poultry here at M.J Dalton Butchers so feel free to have a look.


Chicken is the most common type of poultry in the world, and is prepared as food in a wide variety of ways, varying by region and culture.

  • Whole Fresh Additive Free Chicken- good for roasting
  • Whole Fresh Free Range Chicken
  • Fresh Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breast- white meat and is relatively dry. High in protein
  • Fresh Skin-On Boneless Chicken Breast- more flavoursome but higher in fat.
  • Fresh Skin-On Bone-In Chicken Breast
  • Fresh Skinless Bone-In Chicken Breast
  • Fresh Free Range Chicken Legs
  • Fresh or Frozen Chicken Legs 

  • Comprises two segments:

  1. The "drumstick"; this is dark meat and is the lower part of the leg,
  2. the "thigh"; also dark meat, this is the upper part of the leg.
  • Fresh or Frozen Chicken Wing Tips- tasty snack, great when marinated and good on the barbecue
  • Chicken Thigh Meat- skinless and boneless; ideal for curries
  • Frozen Chicken Liver- ideal for making pates
  • Frozen Chicken Carcasses- ideal for use for soup stock


Duck refers to the meat of several species of bird in the Anatidae family, found in both fresh and salt water. Duck is eaten in many cuisines around the world.

Duck meat is derived primarily from the breasts and legs of ducks. The meat of the legs is darker and somewhat fattier than the meat of the breasts, although the breast meat is darker than the breast meat of a chicken or a turkey. Being waterfowl, ducks have a layer of heat-insulating subcutaneous fat between the skin and the meat. De-boned duck breast can be grilled like steak, usually leaving the skin and fat on.

  • Whole Fresh/Frozen Free Range Ducks- great for roasting
  • Fresh/Frozen Duck Legs
  • Fresh/Frozen Duck Breasts-
  • Frozen Duck Liver- ideal for making pates
  • Fresh Duck Mince (upon request)


Turkeys are traditionally eaten as the main course of Christmas feasts in much of the world since appearing in England in the 16th century.

While eating turkey was once mainly restricted to special occasions such as these, turkey is now eaten year-round and forms a regular part of many diets.

  • Fresh/Frozen Whole Turkey- great for roasting, all year round!
  • Fresh/Frozen Turkey Legs (2 days notice in most cases)
  • Fresh/Frozen Turkey Crown- high in protein, low in fat, can be cut into steaks
  • Turkey Mince (upon request)- healthy substitute to red meat mince

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